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imBinFileBase Class Reference
[Binary File Access]

Binary File I/O Base Class. More...

Public Member Functions

int InitByteOrder (int ByteOrder)
unsigned long Read (void *pValues, unsigned long pCount, int pSizeOf)
unsigned long Write (void *pValues, unsigned long pCount, int pSizeOf)
virtual void Open (const char *pFileName)=0
virtual void New (const char *pFileName)=0
virtual void Close ()=0
virtual unsigned long FileSize ()=0
virtual int HasError () const =0
virtual void SeekTo (unsigned long pOffset)=0
virtual void SeekOffset (long pOffset)=0
virtual void SeekFrom (long pOffset)=0
virtual unsigned long Tell () const =0
virtual int EndOfFile () const =0

Protected Member Functions

virtual unsigned long ReadBuf (void *pValues, unsigned long pSize)=0
virtual unsigned long WriteBuf (void *pValues, unsigned long pSize)=0
void SetByteOrder (int ByteOrder)

Protected Attributes

int IsNew
int FileByteOrder
int DoByteOrder


class imBinSubFile

Detailed Description

Base class to help the creation of new modules.
It handles the read/write operations with byte order correction if necessary.