BMP - Windows Device Independent Bitmap
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Collaboration diagram for BMP - Windows Device Independent Bitmap:


Windows Copyright Microsoft Corporation.
Internal Implementation.


    Data Types: Byte
    Color Spaces: RGB, MAP and Binary (Gray saved as MAP)
      NONE - no compression [default]
      RLE  - Run Lenght Encoding (only for MAP and Gray)
    Only one image.
    Can have an alpha channel (only for RGB)
    Internally the components are always packed.
    Lines arranged from top down to bottom or bottom up to top. But are saved always as bottom up.

      ResolutionUnit (string) ["DPC", "DPI"]
      XResolution, YResolution IM_FLOAT (1)

      Reads OS2 1.x and Windows 3, but writes Windows 3 always.
      Version 4 and 5 BMPs are not supported.