ICO - Windows Icon
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Windows Copyright Microsoft Corporation.
Internal Implementation.


    Data Types: Byte
    Color Spaces: RGB, MAP and Binary (Gray saved as MAP)
      NONE - no compression [default]
    Can have more than one image. But reading and writing is limited to 10 images max,
      and all images must have different sizes and bpp.
    Can have an alpha channel (only for RGB)
    Internally the components are always packed.
    Internally the lines are arranged from bottom up to top.

      TransparencyIndex IM_BYTE (1)

      If the user specifies an alpha channel, the AND mask is loaded as alpha if
        the file color mode does not contain the IM_ALPHA flag.
      For MAP imagens, if the user does not specifies an alpha channel
        the TransparencyIndex is used to initialize the AND mask when writing,
        and if the user does specifies an alpha channel
        the most repeated index with transparency will be the transparent index.
      Although any size and common bpp can be used is recomended to use the typical configurations:
        16x16, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64 or 96x96
        2 colors, 16 colors, 256 colors, 24bpp or 32bpp