JPEG - JPEG File Interchange Format
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ISO/IEC 10918 (1994, 1995, 1997, 1999)
Access to the JPEG file format uses libjpeg version 8c.
Copyright (C) 1994-2011, Thomas G. Lane, Guido Vollbeding
from the Independent JPEG Group.
Access to the EXIF attributes uses libEXIF version 0.6.20.
Copyright (C) 2001-2010, Lutz Müller


    Data Types: Byte
    Color Spaces: Gray, RGB, CMYK and YCbCr (Binary Saved as Gray)
      JPEG - ISO JPEG  [default]
    Only one image.
    No alpha channel.
    Internally the components are always packed.
    Internally the lines are arranged from top down to bottom.
    Handle(1) returns jpeg_decompress_struct* when reading, and
                      jpeg_compress_struct* when writing (libJPEG structures).

      AutoYCbCr IM_INT (1) (controls YCbCr auto conversion) default 1
      JPEGQuality IM_INT (1) [0-100, default 75] (write only)
      ResolutionUnit (string) ["DPC", "DPI"]
      XResolution, YResolution IM_FLOAT (1)
      Interlaced (same as Progressive) IM_INT (1 | 0) default 0
      Description (string)
      (lots of Exif tags)

    Changes to libJPEG:
      jdatadst.c - fflush and ferror replaced by macros JFFLUSH and JFERROR.
      jinclude.h - standard JFFLUSH and JFERROR definitions, and new macro HAVE_JFIO.
      new file created: jconfig.h from jconfig.txt

    Changes to libEXIF:
      new files config.h and _stdint.h
      small fixes in exif-entry.c, exif-loader.c, exif-tag.c, mnote-fuji-tag.h and mnote-olympus-tag.h

      Other APPx markers are ignored.
      No thumbnail support.
      RGB images are automatically converted to YCbCr when saved.
      Also YcbCr are automatically converted to RGB when loaded. Use AutoYCbCr=0 to disable this behavior.