OpenMP Utilities
[Image Processing]

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int imProcessOpenMPSetMinCount (int min_count)
int imProcessOpenMPSetNumThreads (int count)

Detailed Description

Used inside im_process_omp only. But also exported to Lua. These functions do not use OpenMP, they are used when OpenMP is enabled in im_process. See im_util.h

Function Documentation

int imProcessOpenMPSetMinCount ( int  min_count  ) 

Sets the minimum number of iterations to split into threads.
Default value is 250000, or an image with 500x500.
Returns the previous value.

im.ProcessOpenMPSetMinCount(min_count: number) -> old_min_count: number [in Lua 5] 
int imProcessOpenMPSetNumThreads ( int  count  ) 

Sets the number of threads.
Does nothing if OpenMP is not enabled.
Returns the previous value.

im.ProcessOpenMPSetNumThreads(min_count: number) -> old_min_count: number [in Lua 5]