PNG - Portable Network Graphic Format
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Collaboration diagram for PNG - Portable Network Graphic Format:


Access to the PNG file format uses libpng version 1.6.23.
Copyright (c) 2000-2002, 2004, 2006-2015 Glenn Randers-Pehrson


    Data Types: Byte and UShort
    Color Spaces: Gray, RGB, MAP and Binary
      DEFLATE - LZ77 variation (ZIP) [default]
    Only one image.
    Can have an alpha channel.
    Internally the components are always packed.
    Internally the lines are arranged from top down to bottom.
    Handle(1) returns png_structp libPNG structure.

      ZIPQuality IM_INT (1) [1-9, default 6] (write only)
      ResolutionUnit (string) ["DPC", "DPI"]
      XResolution, YResolution IM_FLOAT (1)
      Interlaced (same as Progressive) IM_INT (1 | 0) default 0
      Gamma IM_FLOAT (1)
      WhitePoint IMFLOAT (2)
      PrimaryChromaticities  IMFLOAT (6)
      XPosition, YPosition IM_FLOAT (1)
      sRGBIntent IM_INT (1) [0: Perceptual, 1: Relative colorimetric, 2: Saturation, 3: Absolute colorimetric]
      TransparencyMap IM_BYTE (N) (for MAP images is the alpha value of the corresponding palette index)
      TransparencyIndex IM_BYTE (1) (for MAP images is the first index that has minimum alpha in TransparencyMap, for GRAY images is the index that it is fully transparent)
      TransparencyColor IM_BYTE (3) (for RGB images is the color that is full transparent)
      CalibrationName, CalibrationUnits (string)
      CalibrationLimits IM_INT (2)
      CalibrationEquation IM_BYTE (1) [0-Linear,1-Exponential,2-Arbitrary,3-HyperbolicSine)]
      CalibrationParam (string) [params separated by '\\n']
      Title, Author, Description, Copyright, DateTime (string)
      Software, Disclaimer, Warning, Source, Comment, ...       (string)
      DateTimeModified (string) [when writing uses the current system time]
      ICCProfile IM_BYTE (N)
      ScaleUnit (string) ["meters", "radians"]
      XScale, YScale IM_FLOAT (1)

      When saving PNG image with TransparencyIndex or TransparencyMap, TransparencyMap has precedence, 
        so set it to NULL if you changed TransparencyIndex.
      Attributes set after the image are ignored.