TGA - Truevision Graphics Adapter File
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Truevision TGA File Format Specification Version 2.0
Technical Manual Version 2.2 January, 1991
Copyright 1989, 1990, 1991 Truevision, Inc.
Internal Implementation.


    Data Types: Byte
    Color Spaces: Gray, RGB and MAP (Binary saved as Gray)
      NONE - no compression [default]
      RLE  - Run Lenght Encoding
    Only one image.
    Can have an alpha channel (only for RGB)
    Internally the components are always packed.
    Internally the lines are arranged from bottom up to top or from top down to bottom.

      XScreen, YScreen IM_USHORT (1) screen position
      Title, Author, Description, JobName, Software (string)
      SoftwareVersion (read only) (string)
      DateTimeModified (string) [when writing uses the current system time]
      Gamma IM_FLOAT (1)