TIFF - Tagged Image File Format
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Copyright (c) 1986-1988, 1992 by Adobe Systems Incorporated.
Originally created by a group of companies, the Aldus Corporation keeped the copyright until Aldus was aquired by Adobe.
TIFF Revision 6.0 Final June 3, 1992
Access to the TIFF file format uses libTIFF version 4.0.3
Copyright (c) 1988-1997 Sam Leffler
Copyright (c) 1991-1997 Silicon Graphics, Inc.


    Data Types: <all>
    Color Spaces: Gray, RGB, CMYK, YCbCr, Lab, XYZ, Map and Binary.
      NONE - no compression  [default for IEEE Floating Point Data]
      CCITTRLE - CCITT modified Huffman RLE (binary only) [default for Binary]
      CCITTFAX3 - CCITT Group 3 fax         (binary only)
      CCITTFAX4 - CCITT Group 4 fax         (binary only)
      LZW - Lempel-Ziv & Welch  [default]
      JPEG - ISO JPEG    [default for YCBCR]
      NEXT - NeXT 2-bit RLE (2 bpp only)
      CCITTRLEW - CCITT modified Huffman RLE with word alignment (binary only)
      RLE - Packbits (Macintosh RLE) [default for MAP]
      THUNDERSCAN - ThunderScan 4-bit RLE (only for 2 or 4 bpp)
      PIXARLOG - Pixar companded 11-bit ZIP (only byte, ushort and float)
      DEFLATE - LZ77 variation (ZIP)
      ADOBE_DEFLATE - Adobe LZ77 variation
      SGILOG - SGI Log Luminance RLE for L and Luv (only byte, ushort and float) [default for XYZ]
      SGILOG24 - SGI Log 24-bit packed for Luv (only byte, ushort and float)
    Can have more than one image.
    Can have an alpha channel.
    Components can be packed or not.
    Lines arranged from top down to bottom or bottom up to top.
    Handle(1) returns a TIFF* libTIFF structure.

      Photometric IM_USHORT (1) (when writing this will complement the color_mode information, for Mask, MinIsWhite, ITULab and ICCLab)
      ExtraSampleInfo IM_USHORT (1) (description of alpha channel: 0- uknown, 1- pre-multiplied, 2-normal)
      JPEGQuality IM_INT (1) [0-100, default 75] (write only)
      ZIPQuality IM_INT (1) [1-9, default 6] (write only)
      ResolutionUnit (string) ["DPC", "DPI"]
      XResolution, YResolution IM_FLOAT (1)
      Description, Author, Copyright, DateTime, DocumentName,
      PageName, TargetPrinter, Make, Model, Software, HostComputer (string)
      InkNames (strings separated by '0's)
      InkSet IM_USHORT (1)
      NumberOfInks IM_USHORT (1)
      DotRange IM_USHORT (2)
      TransferFunction0, TransferFunction1, TransferFunction3 IM_USHORT [gray=0, rgb=012]
      ReferenceBlackWhite IMFLOAT (6)
      WhitePoint IMFLOAT (2)
      PrimaryChromaticities  IMFLOAT (6)
      YCbCrCoefficients IM_FLOAT (3)
      YCbCrSubSampling IM_USHORT (2)
      YCbCrPositioning IM_USHORT (1)
      PageNumber IM_USHORT (2)
      StoNits IM_DOUBLE (1)
      XPosition, YPosition IM_FLOAT (1)
      SMinSampleValue, SMaxSampleValue IM_FLOAT (1)
      HalftoneHints IM_USHORT (2)
      SubfileType IM_INT (1)
      ICCProfile IM_BYTE (N)
      MultiBandCount IM_USHORT (1)    [Number of bands in a multiband gray image.]
      MultiBandSelect IM_USHORT (1)   [Band number to read one band of a multiband gray image. Must be set before reading image info.]
      and other TIFF tags as they are described in the TIFF documentation.
      GeoTIFF tags:
        GeoTiePoints, GeoTransformationMatrix, "Intergraph TransformationMatrix", GeoPixelScale, GeoDoubleParams IM_DOUBLE (N)
        GeoASCIIParams (string)
      Read-only support for EXIF tags as they are described in the EXIF 2.2 documentation. See http://www.exif.org/
      DNG tags as they are described in the DNG documentation. See http://www.adobe.com/br/products/dng/
        Tags BlackLevel, DefaultCropOrigin and DefaultCropSize are incorrectly interpreted by libTIFF so they are ignored.
        Raw image is loaded in place of the thumbnail image in the main IFD.
        SubIFDCount IM_USHORT (1)    [Number of subifds of the current image.]
        SubIFDSelect IM_USHORT (1)   [Subifd number to be read. Must be set before reading image info.]
      (other attributes can be obtained by using libTIFF directly using the Handle(1) function)

      LogLuv is in fact Y'+CIE(u,v), so we choose to always convert it to XYZ.
      SubIFD is handled only for DNG.
      Since LZW patent expired, LZW compression is enabled. LZW Copyright Unisys.
      libGeoTIFF can be used without XTIFF initialization. Use Handle(1) to obtain a TIFF*.

      "tiff_jpeg.c" - commented "downsampled_output = TRUE" and downsampled_input = TRUE.
      "tiff_fax3.c" - replaced "inline" by "INLINE"
      "tif_strip.c" - fixed scanline_size
      New files "tif_config.h" and "tifconf.h" to match our needs.
      New file "tiff_binfile.c" that implement I/O rotines using imBinFile.
      Search for "IMLIB" to see the changes.