im_format_all.h File Reference

All the Internal File Formats. They are all automatically registered by the library. The signatures are in C, but the functions are C++. Header for internal use only. More...


void imFormatRegisterTIFF (void)
void imFormatRegisterJPEG (void)
void imFormatRegisterPNG (void)
void imFormatRegisterGIF (void)
void imFormatRegisterBMP (void)
void imFormatRegisterRAS (void)
void imFormatRegisterLED (void)
void imFormatRegisterSGI (void)
void imFormatRegisterPCX (void)
void imFormatRegisterTGA (void)
void imFormatRegisterPNM (void)
void imFormatRegisterPFM (void)
void imFormatRegisterICO (void)
void imFormatRegisterKRN (void)

Detailed Description

See Copyright Notice in im_lib.h