Image Processing

We use the simpliest model possible, a function with input data, output data and control parameters.

The operations have usually one or more input images, and one or more output images.  We avoid implementing in-place operations, but many operations can use the same data for input and output. The data type, color mode and size of the images depends on the operation. Sometimes the operations can change the data type to increase the precision of the results, but normally only a few operations will change the size (resize and geometric) and color mode (color conversion). All of these details are described in each function documentation, check before using them.

There is no ROI (Region Of Interest) management, but you can imProcessCrop, imProcess*, then imProcessInsert the result in the original image.

The image data of the output image is assumed to be zero before any operation. This is always true after creating a new image, but if you are reusing an image for several operation use imImageClear to zero the image data between operations.