File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
im.hMain API
im_attrib.hAttributes Table
im_attrib_flat.hAttributes Table Flat API. This will simplify the DLL export, and can be used for C aplications
im_binfile.hBinary File Access
im_capture.hVideo Capture
im_color.hColor Manipulation
im_colorhsi.hHSI Color Manipulation
im_complex.hComplex Data Type
im_convert.hImage Conversion
im_counter.hProcessing Counter
im_dib.hWindows DIB (Device Independent Bitmap)
im_file.hFile Access
im_format.hFile Format Access
im_format_all.hAll the Internal File Formats. They are all automatically registered by the library. The signatures are in C, but the functions are C++. Header for internal use only
im_format_avi.hRegister the AVI Format
im_format_ecw.hRegister the ECW Format
im_format_jp2.hRegister the JP2 Format
im_format_raw.hInitialize the RAW Format Driver Header for internal use only
im_format_wmv.hRegister the WMF Format
im_image.hImage Manipulation
im_kernel.hKernel Generators Creates several known kernels
im_lib.hLibrary Management and Main Documentation
im_math.hMath Utilities
im_math_op.hMath Operations
im_old.hOld API
im_palette.hPalette Generators
im_plus.hName space for C++ high level API
im_process.hImage Processing
im_process_ana.hImage Statistics and Analysis
im_process_glo.hImage Processing - Global Operations
im_process_loc.hImage Processing - Local Operations
im_process_pnt.hImage Processing - Point Operations
im_raw.hRAW File Format
imlua.hIM Lua 5 Binding