Raw Data Conversion Utilities
[Image Representation]

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void imConvertPacking (const void *src_data, void *dst_data, int width, int height, int src_depth, int dst_depth, int data_type, int src_is_packed)
void imConvertMapToRGB (unsigned char *data, int count, int depth, int packed, long *palette, int palette_count)

Detailed Description

Utilities for raw data buffers.
See im_convert.h

Function Documentation

void imConvertPacking ( const void *  src_data,
void *  dst_data,
int  width,
int  height,
int  src_depth,
int  dst_depth,
int  data_type,
int  src_is_packed 

Changes the packing of the data buffer. Both must have the same width, height and data_type.
It can be used to copy data even if depth=1.

void imConvertMapToRGB ( unsigned char *  data,
int  count,
int  depth,
int  packed,
long *  palette,
int  palette_count 

Changes in-place a MAP data into a RGB data. The data must have room for the RGB image.
depth can be 3 or 4. count=width*height.