Special Effects
[Image Processing]

Collaboration diagram for Special Effects:


void imProcessPixelate (const imImage *src_image, imImage *dst_image, int box_size)
void imProcessPosterize (const imImage *src_image, imImage *dst_image, int level)

Detailed Description

Operations to change image appearance.
See im_process_pnt.h

Function Documentation

void imProcessPixelate ( const imImage src_image,
imImage dst_image,
int  box_size 

Generates a zoom in effect averaging colors inside a square region.
Operates only on IM_BYTE images.

im.ProcessPixelate(src_image: imImage, dst_image: imImage, box_size: number) [in Lua 5] 
im.ProcessPixelateNew(src_image: imImage, box_size: number) -> new_image: imImage [in Lua 5] 
void imProcessPosterize ( const imImage src_image,
imImage dst_image,
int  level 

A simple Posterize effect. It reduces the number of colors in the image eliminating less significant bit planes. Can have 1 to 7 levels. See imProcessBitMask.
Images must have data type IM_BYTE.

im.ProcessPosterize(src_image: imImage, dst_image: imImage, level: number) [in Lua 5] 
im.ProcessPosterizeNew(src_image: imImage, level: number) -> new_image: imImage [in Lua 5]