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#define IM_NAME   "IM - An Imaging Toolkit"
#define IM_DESCRIPTION   "Toolkit for Image Representation, Storage, Capture and Processing"
#define IM_COPYRIGHT   "Copyright (C) 1994-2016 Tecgraf/PUC-Rio"
#define IM_AUTHOR   "Antonio Scuri"
#define IM_VERSION   "3.12"
#define IM_VERSION_NUMBER   312000
#define IM_VERSION_DATE   "2016/09/30"


const char * imVersion (void)
const char * imVersionDate (void)
int imVersionNumber (void)

Detailed Description

Usefull definitions for about dialogs and for comparing the compiled version with the linked version of the library.
im._AUTHOR [in Lua 5] 
im._COPYRIGHT [in Lua 5] 
im._VERSION [in Lua 5] 
im._VERSION_DATE [in Lua 5] 
im._VERSION_NUMBER [in Lua 5] 
im._DESCRIPTION [in Lua 5] 
im._NAME [in Lua 5] 
See im_lib.h

Function Documentation

const char* imVersion ( void   ) 

Returns the library current version. Returns the definition IM_VERSION plus the bug fix number.

im.Version() -> version: string [in Lua 5] 
const char* imVersionDate ( void   ) 

Returns the library current version release date. Returns the definition IM_VERSION_DATE.

im.VersionDate() -> date: string [in Lua 5] 
int imVersionNumber ( void   ) 

Returns the library current version number. Returns the definition IM_VERSION_NUMBER plus the bug fix number.
Can be compared in run time with IM_VERSION_NUMBER to compare compiled and linked versions of the library.

im.VersionNumber() -> version: number [in Lua 5]