Additional Image Quantization Operations
[Image Processing]

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void imProcessQuantizeRGBUniform (const imImage *src_image, imImage *dst_image, int do_dither)
void imProcessQuantizeGrayUniform (const imImage *src_image, imImage *dst_image, int grays)

Detailed Description

Additionally operations to the imConvertColorSpace function.
See im_process_pnt.h

Function Documentation

void imProcessQuantizeRGBUniform ( const imImage src_image,
imImage dst_image,
int  do_dither 

Converts a RGB image to a MAP image using uniform quantization with an optional 8x8 ordered dither. The RGB image must have data type IM_BYTE.

im.ProcessQuantizeRGBUniform(src_image: imImage, dst_image: imImage, do_dither: boolean) [in Lua 5] 
im.ProcessQuantizeRGBUniformNew(src_image: imImage, do_dither: boolean) -> new_image: imImage [in Lua 5] 
void imProcessQuantizeGrayUniform ( const imImage src_image,
imImage dst_image,
int  grays 

Quantizes a gray scale image in less that 256 grays using uniform quantization.
Both images should be IM_BYTE/IM_GRAY, the target can be IM_MAP. Can be done in-place.
The result is in the 0-255 range, except when target is IM_MAP that is in the 0-(grays-1) range.

im.ProcessQuantizeGrayUniform(src_image: imImage, dst_image: imImage, grays: number) [in Lua 5] 
im.ProcessQuantizeGrayUniformNew(src_image: imImage, grays: number) -> new_image: imImage [in Lua 5]