Data Fields

_imDib Struct Reference
[Windows DIB]

Windows DIB Structure. More...

Data Fields

HGLOBAL handle
BYTE * buffer
int free_buffer
int size
RGBQUAD * bmic
BYTE * bits
int palette_count
int bits_size
int line_size
int pad_size

Detailed Description

Handles a DIB in memory.
The DIB is stored in only one buffer. The secondary members are pointers to the main buffer.

Field Documentation

HGLOBAL _imDib::handle

The windows memory handle

The DIB as it is defined in memory

Free the memory buffer, used only for DIB section

Full size in memory

BITMAPINFO* _imDib::bmi

Bitmap Info = Bitmap Info Header + Palette


Bitmap Info Header

RGBQUAD* _imDib::bmic

Bitmap Info Colors = Palette

BYTE* _imDib::bits

Bitmap Bits

number of colors in the palette

size in bytes of the Bitmap Bits

size in bytes of one line, includes padding

number of bytes remaining in the line, lines are in a word boundary