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File Format SDK
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Data Structures

struct  _imFile
 Image File Structure (SDK Use Only). More...
class  imFileFormatBase
 Image File Format Virtual Base Class (SDK Use Only). More...
class  imFormat
 Image File Format Descriptor Class (SDK Use Only). More...


int imFileLineBufferCount (imFile *ifile)
void imFileLineBufferInc (imFile *ifile, int *line, int *plane)
void imFileLineBufferRead (imFile *ifile, void *data, int line, int plane)
void imFileLineBufferWrite (imFile *ifile, const void *data, int line, int plane)
int imFileLineSizeAligned (int width, int bpp, int align)
void imFileSetBaseAttributes (imFile *ifile)
void imFormatRegister (imFormat *iformat)

Detailed Description

All the file formats are based on theses structures. Use them to create new file formats.
The LineBuffer functions will help transfer image from format buffer to application buffer and vice-versa.
See im_file.h

Function Documentation

int imFileLineBufferCount ( imFile ifile  ) 

Number of lines to be accessed.

void imFileLineBufferInc ( imFile ifile,
int *  line,
int *  plane 

Increments the line and plane counters.

void imFileLineBufferRead ( imFile ifile,
void *  data,
int  line,
int  plane 

Converts from FILE color mode to USER color mode.

void imFileLineBufferWrite ( imFile ifile,
const void *  data,
int  line,
int  plane 

Converts from USER color mode to FILE color mode.

int imFileLineSizeAligned ( int  width,
int  bpp,
int  align 

Utility to calculate the line size in byte with a specified alignment.
"align" can be 1, 2 or 4.

void imFileSetBaseAttributes ( imFile ifile  ) 

Set the attributes FileFormat, FileCompression and FileImageCount.
Used in imFileOpen and imFileOpenAs, and after the attribute list cleared with RemoveAll.

void imFormatRegister ( imFormat iformat  ) 

Register a format driver.