Data Fields

_imFile Struct Reference
[File Format SDK]

Image File Structure (SDK Use Only). More...

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Data Fields

int is_new
void * attrib_table
void * line_buffer
int line_buffer_size
int line_buffer_extra
int line_buffer_alloc
int counter
int convert_bpp
int switch_type
long palette [256]
int palette_count
int user_color_mode
int user_data_type
int file_color_mode
int file_data_type
char compression [10]
int image_count
int image_index
int width
int height

Detailed Description

Base container to hold format independent state variables.

Field Documentation

in fact is a imAttribTable, but we hide this here

used for line conversion, contains all components if packed, or only one if not

extra bytes to be allocated

total allocated so far

number of bpp to unpack/pack to/from 1 byte. When reading converts n packed bits to 1 byte (unpack). If n>1 will also expand to 0-255. When writing converts 1 byte to 1 bit (pack). If negative will only expand to 0-255 (no unpack or pack).

flag to switch the original data type: char-byte, short-ushort, uint-int, double-float